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Portsmouth has always been home to revolutionaries. Its fiercely independent residents played a pivotal role in America's political liberation hundreds of year ago, and today they are doing it again with financial liberation.


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3S ArtSpace - Live Music & Performance Venue

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Weird shows. I saw a Talking Heads cover band here. Animal Collective has played here. The best damn drag show you have ever seen in your life, "Bunny and the Fox," happens here. If there is an event here while you are in town, you must go.

The vibe here is kind of sterile. It has a weird energy. Like it is trying to be super ADA-compliant and open to the point where it almost lacks a soul. But what the 3S building lacks in soul it makes up for in the quality of its live performances contained within.

“3S is dedicated to presenting and supporting bold, emerging art and entertainment and cultivating an informal space for the exchange of ideas and creativity.” - 3S Arts

There is a restaurant inside. They don't take bitcoin, sadly. It's a good restaurant. You should probably go and ask them if they would take bitcoin so that they start to hear it from more people and eventually say yes. But until then, just go and enjoy a show and buy your tickets with bitcoin.

How you win at 3S Artspace:

Look online for a cool show to go to. Call up the ticket office. Tell them you want to pay with bitcoin and you are about to come down and buy some tickets. They will make sure that someone is there who can take your payment with their iPad.

Sadly it is kind of rare for 3S to have a bitcoin payment. If you do attend a show, you will likely be helping the person at the ticket booth figure out how to take your payment. But that's cool. They will do it. And in time it will become as natural for them as it is for the rest of the places on the world famous tour.