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The World Famous Bitcoin Tour is made possible by your friends at Anypay, Inc. A Portsmouth company.

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Portsmouth has always been home to revolutionaries. Its fiercely independent residents played a pivotal role in America's political liberation hundreds of year ago, and today they are doing it again with financial liberation.


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Portsmouth Smoke and Vape - Glass shop

Literally underground, this is a place to buy glass pipes for smoking, candles for concealing odors, pipe cleaners, vape juice, lighters, etc. Adults only.

If you enjoy a bit of recreational mental escapism, or just a healthier way to enjoy nicotine, you will find something to like about this place. If none of that appeals to you, you will love one of their terrific scented soy candles. They last a long time!

”We stand out for offering the widest selection of vapes and vape juices in the whole Seacoast." – Mark, Owner

Mark (the owner) started coming to the local Portsmouth bitcoin meetup years ago. He was already a cryptocurrency user before his business started accepting crypto for payment. When they finally did, they held the title for the business in town with the widest selection of cryptocurrencies accepted (and they still may hold that title)!

How to win at Portsmouth Smoke and Vape:

Get a pipe, some waxed hemp rope, a lighter, and a candle.

And find a friend to enjoy it with. Or just save it for when you get home.