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Portsmouth has always been home to revolutionaries. Its fiercely independent residents played a pivotal role in America's political liberation hundreds of year ago, and today they are doing it again with financial liberation.


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STREET'za - Home of the Dash Meetup

STREET'za is the beloved counterpart to STREET. Not just pizza.

Looking for a place to relax and unwind with a nice strong drink, grooving to world beats under dim lights? Or maybe you want a Dash pizza delivered to your Bitcoin bed and breakfast?

You can get this dope breakfast pizza, made by Pizza Steve, a pizza God, or you can get brunch made by Josh Lanahan, a professionally trained chef who, instead of making you fancy dinners for $200, is scrambling your eggs. This brunch is ridiculous.

“We intentionally don't have a TV.” - STREET'ZA

This is where the Dash Meetup happens every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. They choose this place because it is easy to seat large groups, the service is super friendly and accommodating, and they have been taking Dash since, like, forever. Which makes them pretty unique. Somehow STREET'za has the right combination of everything to make it the spot where all the crypto people like to hang out and stay way past their welcome. Seriously, every time there is a Dash meetup, they have to turn the lights and music off to signal it is time for us to go. But still we love it here.

How you win at STREET'za:

Get the Philosophy pizza with cauliflower crust for yourself. Trust me, you won't want to share. If there are two of you, get the buffalo chicken pizza as your second choice so you can split them. Their salads are really good with lots of fresh vegetables often sourced from their very own garden. If you drink, get one here. They are known for having really good specialty drinks, much like their sister restaurant, STREET.

Bring cash for a tip. Some of the servers take crypto for a tip, but if you do that, make it an additional tip on top of a generous cash tip. The reason being, the business loves your crypto and wants to take it, but the servers usually don't. They will take it to be nice, but if you want to be nice to them, give them cash.