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Portsmouth has always been home to revolutionaries. Its fiercely independent residents played a pivotal role in America's political liberation hundreds of year ago, and today they are doing it again with financial liberation.


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The Fresh Press - Grab & Go Healthy Lunch

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

You will never hear the phrase "Dine and Dash" the same way again. Salads, smoothies, home-made protein snacks, hot or cold herbal-infused teas, and daily specials.

The Fresh Press was once home to the local bitcoin meetup in Portsmouth. Walking inside, you will find this hard to believe because there is almost no space to stand, let alone sit and chat. Get in, get juice, get out.

“We juice for optimal organ function, for rapid absorption of vital nutrients, and detoxification. We use 100% organic ingredients.” - Aaron Smith, Owner, The Fresh Press

No pesticides, GMO’s, or preservatives. Fresh Cold Pressed Juice, Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Chopped Salads, Lunch Wraps, Quinoa Bowls, Homemade Soup, and Hot Drinks. Come here early to avoid the lunch rush. The line goes out the door! Weekdays 8-6, Sat 9-6, Sun 9-4

How you win at The Fresh Press

Get the kale caesar salad, add avocado and chicken. Pair with a PB&J smoothie and when they ask what kind of protein powder you want -- go with chocolate. Nutrient-dense, filling, and affordable. How do they make it taste so good?

They have seating inside and outside, but if you really want to be a pro, take your salad and smoothie around the corner to the Music Hall and dine under the bright neon lights. Great for people-watching, and there's no foot traffic to compete with or cars belching fumes on your croutons.